What is a virtual credit card?

What is a virtual credit card?

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  • December 30, 2018
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If you ever worry about handing over your credit card number when you’re shopping online, there’s a security option you might not know about: virtual credit cards.

The introduction of chip credit cards has made our financial information a little more secure. But here’s the flip side: Since chip cards decreased thieves’ ability to clone credit cards, their attention has been more focused on online hacking.

Here’s a partial list of retailers’ websites that have been hacked since January 2018: Orbitz, Best Buy, Delta Air Lines, Panera Bread and Under Amour, which affected 150 million users of its MyFitnessPal app.

There’s a world of virtual credit cards out there that can add another layer of security to your online endeavors.

How Virtual Credit Cards Work

Virtual credit cards aren’t really cards at all — at least not in the literal sense. IT is a randomly generated number designed to protect your traditional credit card information when shopping online. 
It are essentially an online version of your chip-enabled credit card. Each time you use your chip card or a virtual credit card, the payment is made with unique information, which is not useful to criminals.

The Benefits Of a Virtual Credit Card

the main benefit of a virtual credit card is to protect your security.In most cases, “even if a criminal accessed your virtual credit card number online, that number couldn’t be used again. You may not need that extra layer of protection everywhere online, especially if you’re shopping with a major retailer who has layers of security. But it’s probably a good idea if you’re shopping with a less-established retailer, or if you’re not sure of that retailer’s ability to protect your information.